About Us

The Tanzania Website Design

About the Company

Tanzania Website Design is a brand under Yuu Company registered in United Republic of Tanzania. Our operations are worldwide delivering online while our bases are in Dar-es-salaam, Tanga and Arusha.

Tanzania Website Design has “Low Cost Competitive Advantage” (LCCA) over all other companies that makes it dominant in the field. No matter how your budget is we will serve you and makes sure that your online presence makes your company proud of having us as your service provider.

We are heavily investing in latest technologies and stylish in the market to ensure that our customers get the best out of us that they may never get from other companies.

Our Mission

At the lowest cost possible to develop elegant website that serve best the needs of our customer’s clients

Our Vision

To establish our selves on top of all Tanzania website design companies in term of quality, low price and happy customers.

Why are we leading Web Design Market

We are the leading website designers offering the lowest price of all in Tanzania while maintaining highest standard of quality. Our prices will enable you to reduce running cost of your business and increase your profit.
We have invested in delivering the best, if and just if you are not satisfied with the service we have delivery we guarantee you to return your money within 14 days. I promise you that you will never find another company that will guarantee you money back.
From our long experience in website design, latest technology and trend utilise and talents of our back end staffs, we make the most eye catching website fully functioning and safe from error.
Delivery within pre-determined work schedule. We always plan our way to the end. We analyse your project, determine requirements, prepare action plan within which we are sure to effectively and efficiently complete and deliver your project in time.
We are not after profit, we are after customers and that is why we make sure we maintain our customers by offering best after sale services and free consultation when needed. Try our service now and you will see
Do you have a website or blog? mostly yes, contact us and request for FREE WEBSITE REVIEW. We will manually (hands on) inspect your website/blog from technical to contents aspect, home to contact page, post to keyword tags. TRY FOR FREE NOW.

Our Core Values

We believe our reputation is upheld by how we live up to our core values of professionalism, Trust, customer care, people of promise, result oriented and team work.

We take these core values very seriously and if you see any behaviour at any level in our organisation that violates any of these core values, please send us your feedback and we will take prompt action.


We hold ourselves against the highest performance standards and believe in demonstrating professionalism in all areas of work.


We have built long-term culture of trust, We always deliver our projects in time and as per agreement, that is why we are trusted

Customer Care

We strive towards fanatical attention to consistency and detail, and constantly look for opportunities to serve our customers better.

People of Promise

We always promise what we can do & do what we have promised. We believe customers satisfaction is largely contributed by being told the truth.

Result Oriented

We believe in the wise say; "The end must justify the means." We believe that our customers are more concerned by good results.

Team Work

We truly believe that a TEAM means Together Everyone Achieves More. We foster team spirit among our employees.

Our Web Design Skills

Take a look to our great website design skills


Website Appearance Design

Include attractive slideshow, better page layout, color combination, animation, icons & images, logical and idealizing


User Interface Design

Friendly navigation, components prioritisation, menu contents, contents visibility, fonts selection, and accessibility


SEO Oriented Design

Optimised for meta description, tag, keyword, headers level, words selection in contents, image alternative


Database Integration

Website is nothing without a clear defined database integration. Your information needs well-crafted databases to be visible to your visitors